Moncef Belyamani

Moncef is the creator of Ruby on Mac: the easiest, fastest, and most reliable way to set up and maintain a proper Ruby dev environment on a Mac. It's the result of helping 100K+ people over the past 11 years, and 100+ hours of research and testing on 4 Macs. Before that, Moncef spent 8 years in Civic Tech working on open source Rails projects that serve millions of people, such as He also helped teams save $100K+/year through automating manual workflows, speeding up test suites, and improving code quality and maintainability.

Licensing and Distributing a Paid CLI With Ruby, Rails, and SwiftUI

Distributing licenses and enforcing limitations for my "Ruby on Mac" CLI was a super interesting and fun problem to solve. It involved tools such as ruby-packer, shc, Apple's DeviceCheck API, and creating a .pkg installer. I'll take you on that journey with me, with lessons learned and code samples. You'll learn tactics for thinking through similar problems, and for writing testable code.