Jon Sullivan

Greetings! I’m Jon. I’ve been in the software world for about ten years and continue to chase performant/efficient code while maximizing readability and (hopefully) minimizing bite-yourself-a-few-years-later code. Balance is everything! While I am a tinkering engineer, electrical enthusiast, digital minimalist, photographer, and reader, I’m looking forward to meeting you, dear reader, and finding out who YOU are! I have a deep love for long, slow conversations and comfy chairs — let’s find some.

Turbo Frames Explored... for Fun and Profit

The ‘new magic’ came at the end of 2020: ✨Hotwire⚡️: Stimulus, Turbo Streams, Strada, Turbo Drive, and Turbo Frames. Each extremely capable and powerful in its own right, but with a wide spread of functions and some overlaps, it can be tough to see what’s what. Let’s explore just one avenue: Turbo Frames. Let’s see what it can _really_ do.